Craigssexlist .com Is Best Sites to Meet Women!

               I took a look at some different dating sites, I realized which one I think is the greatest. I factored my results on the girls I met (and I'm an average looking guy), the ratio of guys to girls on the site, and the attractiveness level of each girl. I'm reviewing craigssexlist .com,, plentyoffish, and okcupid.

Just as a personal note, I've been on the dating scene now for about 14 years. I still just haven't found the right person. It's not that I'm not compatible with them, they aren't compatible with me! For years not I just keep meeting the wrong people. Sometimes it's because I am meeting them in bars and other times I just mess up. I've found that messing up is something I do really well. For me it's more about the time we spend here on earth doing things constructively instead of the person we spend it with. I mean really, is my wife going to have a real impact on my own legacy.  - Great site for meeting a long term partner. The ratio of guys to girls is about 5.5 to 4.5, respectively.  I have heard rumors they add more girls and fake profiles. I'm not sure if that's still true or not, but every girl I noticed looked real.  The girls on the site average 7.7 on a scale of 1-10 on beauty and I met 3 girls that I'd serious consider dating.

Plentyoffish - OK site for long term, but kind of unorganized as a whole. The ratio is 6 to 4 guys to girls, and most of the girls weren't that great. In fact, I would say that only 20% of the girls were even mildly attractive. On a scale of 1-10, I've give the average girl here a 6.5. I did not meet a single girl that I really liked on here at all.

Okcupid - Good for long term and short term dating. What really impressed me about okcupid though, were all of the tests and quizzes. They do a good job at creating an interactive atmosphere.  For me still not as good as craigssexlist .com, but still a lot of fun. Overall, the ratio of guys to girls is 5.3 to 4.7 which isn't too bad. The average girl on here is a 8.0/10. I met 5 girls I'd be interested in dating and oddly enough, I am still dating one of them.

craigssexlist .com - Good site for long term, but great site for short term hookup. The ratio here is about even at 4.9 to 5.1 respectively. I just thought it was interesting that there were more girls on craigssexlist .com that there were guys. This is definitely a good thing. 8.4 is the average girls' looks on the site, and while I only met 4 I'd consider dating seriously, I met about 20 that I'd meet for a hookup.

I met a girl named Jane online while I was doing this study. She literally has everything I'm looking for in a girl. She has long brown hair, bright blue eyes, an amazing body, she reads Classic Novels, is a school teacher, she loves iced tea and bikes to work in the morning. She may be the perfect girl for me, but I must admit she was mad when I told her I was writing this article. Nonetheless, I starting writing about this before I met her.

The Verdict - The winner of the best dating site goes to craigssexlist .com for me. It has a solid balance of "hookups" and long term dating potential. The only problem with craigssexlist .com is that it isn't as interactive as some of the others, maybe that's on purpose? You see if they make things too interactive that makes things a little too real and some people just aren't into that. Like my friend Cassie, she say that she likes a little bit of fantasy in the whole thing. If it's just totally real than it's not as fun and feels too real. Like the thought of messing around with one of your friends mom's may feel and seem like a really good idea but when it actually happens it's a little too real. Just for the same reason some people are into cartoons, some are more into this kind of thing. For me, I've always been a little different and always enjoyed this kind of thing on the real level. It's good to imagine things and use a fantasy land sometimes but not having to imagine is also really cool. For once in my life there is a site that I can go to to see all of these things take place and not think to myself, what's really going on? I know it's totally real and really cool too.